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Peru in the World

In the last ten years, Peru has been negotiating and sealing important political and economic alliances, both in the bilateral and multilateral arena.

Because of its choice for democracy and economic discipline, Peru has been one of the small number of countries in the world that have maintained an economic growth, breaking the general global trend of recession. This economic miracle has drawn the attention of some of the world’s biggest economies towards Peru. Because of that, in the last ten years, Peru has been negotiating and sealing important political and economic alliances both in the bilateral (like with USA or China) and multilateral arena (ASPA, Pacific Alliance and the Trans-Pacific Partnership).

The action of Peru in the world includes other areas like culture and consular affairs, within others. Nevertheless, it is possible to brief these in four main action axis:


Promote and defend its interests in the region, asserting its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and consolidating its integral security, trade and cooperation with neighbouring countries and integration at the sub regional and regional levels.


Deepen relations with other regions in the bilateral and multilateral levels, ensuring the political independence from ideological blocs, in order to constitute the foreign policy as an essential instrument for the country's sustainable development, with emphasis on support for poverty reduction and social inclusion, through integration and economic development, industrialization, the acquisition of science and technology, and cooperation.


Deepen the policy of protection and care for the Peruvian communities abroad, enabling their integration into their host countries, the development of ties with Peru and their contribution to the development of Peru and their participation in national politics.


Strengthen the image (prestige) of Peru through the defense of its cultural heritage, and also through the diffusion abroad of the multiple expressions of the so mentioned cultural legacy.

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