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Tourist Visa (KSA)

Peruvian Authorities are the only source of official information on the requirements and the procedures of applying for a visa. They are the official source as well for providing the processing time and the result of each application.



All documents should be in English. Any document in Arabic will not be accepted.

  1. Completed Visa Application (see attached form).

    - Please don’t paste the photo, or sign or stamp your fingerprint. These will be done during the personal interview at the Embassy, which is required. You can bring the visa application(s) of your wife and your son(s)/daughter(s) already filled (if you are married and travelling with your family).
    - Address: No PO Box is accepted.

  2. Original passport(s).

  3. Copy of the Saudi ID card(s), or residence permit (for non-Saudi citizens).

  4. Booking of round trip flight ticket(s) and booking of accommodation.

  5. TWO 4x6 cm-sized, colored photos, with white background and no glasses (for each applicant).

  6. Bank account statements for the last three months.

  7. An introduction letter from your employer.

    - The letter should indicate the nature of the applicant’s work, and must be signed and stamped by Chamber of Commerce. If you are a self-employee, a letter introducing yourself, authenticated. 
    - The letter should be as well directed to the Embassy of Peru in Saudi Arabia.

  8. Receipt of depositing the visa fees in the Embassy’s bank account.

    - The fee for a tourist visa is US$ 30 (thirty US dollars), or equivalent in Saudi Riyals (SAR), per each applicant. Please deposit this amount in SAMBA Bank under the name of "Embassy of Peru". 
    - Account number: (1507980175), IBAN: SA154000 000 000 1507980175, Swift Code: SAMBSARI. The receipt must be legible. We do not accept vouchers from ATM transfer or screen captures of the transfer.

  9. Personal interview at the offices of the Embassy in Riyadh. Attached is the location map with the address.

  10. The appointment must be booked, through this page, at least 7 days in advance of the date of interview. An email by the Consular Section will confirm the requested appointment. Otherwise, it will be invalid.

Any missing document will render the whole application invalid; therefore, it will not be received.


For students and under-aged applicants that travel alone, an introduction letter from the parents is required, stating the purpose of the visit.


  1. We kindly ask you to study carefully the information regarding visa procedures before booking the appointment.

  2. Once you have all the required documents, please book an appointment below for the tourist visa, in order to have a personal interview and deliver your complete visa application form with all the documents required.

    Please be advised that the personal interview for the tourist visa is a must.

  3. The original passport will remain in our offices until the evaluation process is complete (generally 2 – 8 working days). The Embassy has the right to take more time than the usual, if needed. Thus, make sure that your travelling dates are within, at least, 14 days from your appointment date.

  4. Once the fulfilling of all the requirements is verified, and the Consular Section has done reviewing your application, we will send you an email giving you the results of your visa application, setting the date and hour for picking up your passport.

  5. Applications that do not meet all the requirements stated will not be processed until those are completed.

  6. The applicant assumes all courier costs.


  • For amounts of up to US$ 10,000 or its equivalent in other currencies, you will not be required to make a formal declaration when entering into the country.

  • For amounts between US$ 10,000 and US$ 30,000, or its equivalent in other currencies or in financial instruments issued in favor of "the bearer", it is required to fill up a form containing a formal declaration and present it to the Customs authority at the port of entry.

  • It is illegal to carry amounts exceeding US$ 30,000 or its equivalent in other currencies or in financial instruments issued in favor of "the bearer", into the country. Such amounts have to be transferred through banks or financial institutions.


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From the Diplomatic Quarter, driving through Al-Orouba Road heading east, turn right as you reach Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al-Aowal Road (First traffic Light). At its intersection with Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz (Tahalia) Street, turn left, then take the first turn right (Al-Mustaneer Al-Khuzaie Street), then take the first turn right (Ibn Younis Al-Sadafi Street). The Villa is at the corner on your right-hand side, No. 7393. (
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